The Goal

To create a site to capture Ted’s personality and showcase his updated material.


Ted Evans has been a prominent voice actor in Los Angeles for over ten years. When he officially incorporated, he refreshed his brand. With this refresh, he needed an update to his website to match.

My Role

Web Design & Development

Professional Website Redesign:

Ted Evans Voiceover Inc.

Feb - Mar 2021

Step One


I started by reviewing Ted’s existing website and speaking extensively with him to boil down his basic needs; generally, the simpler you can keep the information structure of a site, the better. I determined that he really only needed two pages to convey everything he wanted to show.

Step Two


After the structure was down, we created several concepts for home pages that fit well with Ted’s branding. We carefully reviewed each one with him, and used the feedback to craft the best possible design.

Step Three


Once we had a design we were happy with, we move on to making it a reality. We gathered all the assets and videos and optimized them for web, and then used a website builder and custom coding to bring Ted’s dream website to launch status.

Find Ted at


Ted’s site has been live (and getting attention) for several months, further cementing his validity in the Los Angeles Voiceover community.

Thank you for reading!