The Goal

To have a proof of concept prototype to demonstrate to potential investors.


A client with a big idea for a new form of media consumption approached me to help narrow down his user base-- through extensive research we developed a program to organize projects and stories compiled from any type of media.

The Team

UX Research & Design:
Bonnie Hansen

David Morin

Multi-Media Creation & Research Management Tool:


April - Aug 2020

Step One

User research

After six interviews and fifteen survey responses from potential users, I compiled the data into an affinity map to reveal the trends in user desires.

  • Genres of potential users primarily focused on technology, professional development, historical documentary, politics, and entertainment-- in podcast, article, video, and photo formats.

  • ‍ Most story creators approach planning with research, but with a range of structural styles.

  • ‍Most creators would like to provide more context and sources for their own users.

  • ‍Most creators experience a shortage of storage when they have a lot of research material.

  • ‍Creators want an easier way to find and reference moments from older stories.

  • ‍Creators find organizing and combining multiple formats of media to be challenging.

Step Two


During the research phase, we began to realize the potential for this product is huge-- but the focus for the demonstrative MVP had to be very tight. So we narrowed down the features that most directly addressed the user desires we found:

  • Multi-project support

  • Importation, creation, and organization of multiple media formats

  • ‍Both a flexible pasteboard view with drag and drop and a more structured grid view for multiple styles of media management

  • AI that suggests related content

Step Three

Wireframes and mockups

The mockups here show examples from a prototype that used an example project to demonstrate how the tool could be used. The non-logged in pages and account setting pages match the branding developed for the rest of the program. It also leaves the possibility open of a premium version.

Next Steps

Zine will continue developing even more services, primarily the ability to combine multiple formats of media into a "Zine" and publish to multiple platforms.


These final designs tested very well with some of our original users. Zine has entered an early development stage as it continues to search for investors. I am excited to see how it progresses!

Thank you for reading!