The Goal

To make it easier for prospective members to access information and sign up for a membership, and to improve the UI to match the rebranding and create a more appealing first impression for the organization.


When the Colorado Dragon Boat Association re-elected their leadership and applied to non-profit status, they redid their website and branding to match a new direction.

The Team

UX Research & Design:
Bonnie Hansen

Rae Migliorini

Nonprofit Sports Club Website Redesign:

Colorado Dragon Boat Association

Feb 2020

Step One

Evaluating the current website

The first thing I did was look at the raw material I was working with. The existing website had a lot of information, but it was organized in a way that was not intuitive. Essentially the website existed to point users to physical actions; instead of sending a message through the website, it had a phone number, and instead of paying for a membership with an online method there was a mailing address listed to mail checks.

Styles did not match page to page, things that looked clickable were not (and vice versa) and the density of information got to be a little intimidating.

Step Two

Cutting the site map and user flows

Upon diagramming the existing sitemap, the main issue is how wide it was. Any page that could be listed on the main menu was, and various odd items were shut behind a login wall.

Step Three

Final design

The client's primary desires going into this project were simplicity and minimalism, so to match the new minimal site map and user flow, I put together a home page that showed the necessary information cleanly and plainly with clear calls to action.

The main membership page presents the different membership option clearly and visually, with the option to begin the sign up process right away.

Next Steps

CODA is still upgrading their new site, with exciting future steps like redeveloping the events calendar, redesigning the flow to sign up for practices, and adding admin abilities for the coaches. I can't wait to see where they go!


The clients were happy with the new membership process and said they got great feedback from their newer members. They also loved the new minimal aesthetic that matched the rebrand.

Thank you for reading!

I redesigned the site map to be significantly narrower, combining the information in certain sections to give more power to the content on each page.

The redesigned flow cuts the number of screens in the flow from 9 to 4, greatly increasing the odds of conversion.

In the original site, it took a user a meandering nine screens to sign up for a membership, each of which was an opportunity for that user to get frustrated and change their mind about joining at all.

Step Four

Prototype demo

See the simplified membership flow in action!